7 Reasons Why You’re Terrible At Poker

Poker is growing in popularity every day. But only a small fraction of those who play will be successful. Here are 7 reasons you’re a poker loser:

  1. You forgot there were other games besides Hold Em

Hold Em has been the dominant game online and in card rooms since the poker boom. But it’s not the only game there is. While it may not seem that learning ecwon games like Triple Draw or Omaha Hi/Low could add anything to your Hold Em game, you’re wrong. Learning all forms of poker and being put in different situations will add to your skills in other games. Become an all-around player by learning other games.

  1. Hand charts guide your every preflop move

New poker players love hand charts because it gives them a solid first step to understand the game. But as they gain experience, many new players can’t get away from the guidelines given in the charts. You need to adjust your play according to game conditions. Though hand charts are a good starting point, they eventually become too rigid.

  1. The term “strategy adjustment” is not a part of your poker vocabulary

This is similar to the problem with hand charts, but it applies to preflop and post-flop play. You cannot play one set way and expect to be a successful player. Good players are going to pick you apart if you don’t learn how to adjust to different conditions.

  1. Your idea of bankroll management is checking how much money you have left after every hand

I understand the desire to play higher-stakes poker. Everyone wants to move up in limits. But you’re never going to play ecwon sg optimal poker with scared money.

  1. You’re playing too many tables at once

Common advice to new players is to play more hands. But adding too many tables too early will hinder your learning of the game. Play fewer tables at first to practice and understand the strategies you learn in books and on forums. Once you understand why you should make certain moves in different situations, you can add tables.

  1. You’re letting the rake kill your bankroll

Low-limit players have a hard time beating the rake. If you’re a low-limit player you need to have Rakeback. Even better, you have to move up in limits as soon as possible. If you don’t have Rakeback, moving up to higher stakes poker is a necessity.

  1. You don’t take advantage of the low variance games online

Some poker games, such as split-pot games, have smaller and less frequent swings than others. Learning these games can go a long way in helping you become a successful poker player. Even better, there isn’t as much good information on how to play those games, meaning if you learn a proper strategy you have a great advantage over the field.